Partner FI’s

Any Financial Institution can now provide worldwide Micro-remittance payment via MamaPays to its merchant and end-users.

MamaPays has been designed as an OpenX platform ready to be integrated into any payment instruments (Financial institutions, Fintechs, Mobile Money Operators, etc.) to open their platforms to process micro payments (bills as well as send money) in the easiest and the most convenient way.

Note that Mamapays solution is designed as a Plug-In and does not need the Payment Instruments to share their Data.

Mamapays is risk-free all fraud cases will be managed and supported by Mamapays Platform.

Mamapays can be implemented in less than 30 days on the most advanced platforms, no setup costs are required if the payment instrument is already a sponsor bank of Visa Cybersecure.

Mamapays platform is based on fair revenue sharing and no hidden fees.

Smart payments and Innovative Banking are no more the future it already disrupts the present.

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