Merchant journey

  • The merchant asks the customer if he/she is willing to pay via Mamapays, if  confirmed by the customer the merchant will generate an automated bill  integrating a pay bill link.
  • The merchant can generate the bill via USSD, via Telegram bot (Mamapays) or via online payment.
  • The merchant will enter Bill reference (Optional), name, amount due in local currency, and phone number of the customer.
  • After confirming the information the customer will receive an SMS with a PayLink that he/she can pay online or  forward to his/her relatives.
  • When Bill has been paid by the payer, the merchant will receive a notification from his/her bank as  well as Mamapays that the amount due by the customer has been credited to  his/her account.

Beneficiary journey (triggering the bill)

  • The Beneficiary will ask to make a payment via Mamapays, the merchant will require name, phone number from the Beneficiary.
  • The merchant generates the  Bill that the Beneficiary will receive via SMS. The SMS includes a Pay Link that the Beneficiary can forward to payer/relatives to be paid.
  • Once Bill is paid Beneficiary will receive an SMS notification that payment has been done.

Note that Beneficiary does not need to be registered within Mamapays and do not need to have a Bank account, the only necessary requirement is to have a phone with an Ethiopian SIM card (no need to have a smartphone a  regular basic phone is sufficient).

Payer journey

  • The payer receives the PayLink from the beneficiary
  • The payer provides the information and processes the payment with his VISA / Master Card
  • Once Bill  is paid by payer, the beneficiary and the merchant will receive SMS notification that payment has been done.

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