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Have you ever needed your relatives abroad to pay a bill for you? But for various reasons you couldn’t? MamaPays is the easiest way to get your Bill paid by your relatives abroad. If you have a bill, ask to pay with MamaPays. You’ll receive the bill via SMS which will include a weblink. You can then share the weblink with your relatives via email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Telegram or the platform of your choice. It’s as easy as having your relative clicking on the link to pay your bill with a credit card, pay pal or any other digital payment.

Once payment is carried out you will receive a message and so will the merchant.

Life is easy when relatives are closer than close.

How it works?

Always ask for MamaPays

You’ll always find our MamaPays logo at your favourite supermarket or your corner store. Just ask to pay with MamaPays. You’ll only be asked for your name and your phone number and expect an SMS within five minutes. Once you dial *912*60# you simply enter your information and the amount. MamaPays will immediately confirm when the payment has been successfully generated.

Get the Bill and Forward

Wondering how? Receive an SMS from MamaPays with the business name, business phone number and the amount due. And then? The SMS integrates a Web Link that you can forward via Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram to your favorite relative.  And? They just click on the link, which offers them different payment options ranging from Credit Card, or Paypal to any other form of payment suitable to them.

Once the payment is undertaken, a notification will be sent to you as well as the business owner and that’s it!

MamaPays your bills

Your bill has now been paid. How? It’s when your beloved covers you bills. We require every bill to have a maximum amount of $25 for which we charge a flat service charge of only $1.

The merchant is rewarded with a bonus every time.

But remember… 10% of the net revenue of every transaction is affected to Green Initiatives because we believe in our planet’s future #GoGreen.

MamaPays: Safe, Fast and Easy

End of the month my Grosserie Bill $22 was unpaid, Mother was worrying, I asked our mini market to send me a MamaPays bill, I forwarded it to my older brother based in London he took care of it, was such a relieved for all of us, thank you brother for taking care of us!

― Adam, Electrician at Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

My school fees still unpaid, I received a last warning. I asked the school to SMS me a MamaPays bill, the amount was affordable $15. I mentioned it to my uncle Djamal leaving in Virginia; he asked me to send it via WhatsApp. Five minutes later, problem solved, after a simple click bill was paid with is credit card. He mentioned “paying a bill has never been so easy”. Thanks uncle you saved my live.

― Anna, student at Dire Dawa (Ethiopia)

About us

We are a platform delivering Easy and Secured micropayment solutions cross boundaries. We work in Partnership with Visa the World leader payment platform as well as your Favorite Financial Institution.

“We are committed to make the world an Easier place where people enjoy Sharing “

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